Who does Charles Martinet voice in The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

The legendary voice actor is set to make a cameo.

Image via Nintendo

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is bringing fan-favorite characters to the big screen for the first time since the ill-fated 1993 film, and they’ve learned some lessons since then. For one thing, it’s an animated flick rather than live action — a sensible decision considering the subject matter — and for another, they’ve seen fit to bring in voice acting legend Charles Martinet for a role too. If you’re curious to know who Martinet voices in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, read on.

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Who is Charles Martinet voicing in The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Charles Martinet has become synonymous with the voice of Mario, having voiced the character for over 25 years — along with the likes of Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toadsworth, and Paarthurnax the dragon from Skyrim — but one thing we can say for certain is that he won’t be voicing the portly plumber in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Mario will instead be voiced by Chris Pratt, and many of the other well-known Mario characters also have high-profile celebrity actors attached to them. As such, despite how much information we’ve gleaned about the cast of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, at present we don’t actually know who Charles Martinet will be voicing.

Still, this lack of information does suggest a few things. Martinet’s role will likely be a small one if it hasn’t been announced yet, and considering the film industry’s propensity for mid- and post-credit scenes, it could even be relegated to the end of the movie. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will be an unimportant one, though — if Nintendo and Illumination are intending to throw in a sequel hook or two, we might see the appearance of a Martinet-voiced Wario or Waluigi in a post-credits snippet. Alternatively, he might take a leaf out of Alan Tudyk’s book and lend his voice to the famously non-verbal Yoshi if the character shows up. The man certainly has range, after all.