Super Mario Bros. Wonder Advert Exposes Bowser’s Pachyderm Fixation, Leaving Fans Dumbfounded

Super Mario Bros. Wonder advert is popular for all the wrong reasons. Who knew Bowser would be entranced by an elephant?

Image Via Nintendo

Nintendo has subtly proven that it knows its audience as a new advert for Super Mario Bros. Wonder has exploded in popularity on social media due to how it addresses what Bowser is into. It could also be a very subtle reference to the Bowsette phenomenon from years back, which is something Nintendo has never properly addressed.

Like many other Super Mario Bros. games before it, Super Mario Bros. Wonder will feature all kinds of power-ups that let the characters transform. Super Mario Bros. Wonder will introduce the Elephant Fruit. If Mario or one of his friends touches it, they can transform into an elephant, with the ability to dispose of enemies by swinging their trunk.

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New Super Mario Bros. Wonder Commercial Shows What Bowser Is Into

Princess Peach is one of the playable characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which means she also has an elephant form. A new commercial on the official Japanese Nintendo Twitter leans into this, showing Bowser trying to impress Princess Peach with a flower. She turns into Elephant Peach, causing Bowser to whip out a bouquet instead, showing his appreciation for her enhanced form.

As of the time of writing, the commercial has been up for less than a day, and it’s already seen an explosive response from the fans. The tweet has already been liked over 100k times, reposted nearly 30k times, and viewed over 14 million times. Clearly, there’s a lot of appeal in Bowser revealing his obsession. The comments on the tweet are about what you expect, with a split between adoration for Princess Peach’s new form and appreciation for Bowser still loving her despite the change.

The comedic tone of this new Super Mario Bros. Wonder commercial could also be inspired by the Super Mario Bros. movie, where Jack Black’s Bowser was madly in love with Princess Peach. Bowser has been kidnapping Princess Peach for decades, but the movie version turned into a funny gag, which might be why Nintendo is leaning into the humor with Super Mario Bros. Wonder.

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The promotional machine has started gearing up as Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches on Nintendo Switch on October 20. I might not have been as bold as to create an advert where Bowser shows his appreciation for a thicker and more Proboscidea form, but then that’s why I’m not making the big bucks at Nintendo.