Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting its “final fighter adjustment” patch soon

Everyone’s done!

Image via Nintendo

It’s been a long road for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Now that “everyone is here,” as the tagline says, we’re getting one final set of fighter tweaks — hopefully, none of them break the game.

Nintendo Versus, Nintendo’s official Twitter account for competitive games, announced that version 13.0.1 “includes the final fighter adjustments,” so there will be no more changes to how the characters play after this. As with all previous updates, the new version will also render your replay data incompatible, so make sure you convert any replays you want to keep into video. We don’t have an exact release date for the update at this time, but Nintendo Versus says it’s “coming soon.”

The previous update added Kingdom Hearts’ Sora as the final crossover character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It also included buffs and nerfs for Dr. Mario, Isabelle, Ridley, and more. Version 13.0.1 will ostensibly be the only chance for the team to make any necessary tweaks to Sora’s move set since no more fighter adjustments are coming after this.

As for the future of Smash Bros, things are up in the air: series lead Masahiro Sakurai is undecided on whether to create another full game. Nintendo has also partnered with Panda Global for the first officially licensed competitive circuit in North America. That kicks off in 2022.