Switch Pro listing with French retailer suggests €399 price point

A Switch Pro Nintendo Direct is also rumored for June 4.

Photo by Stillness InMotion/Creative Commons

A French retailer has reportedly published a store listing for the Nintendo Switch Pro. The listing indicates a price point of €399, putting the new model at about €100 more than the current base model is selling for. The listing was picked up and shared by Centro, a French publication.

Centro adds that the listing contained a new Nintendo Switch console and was linked to a Nintendo Direct set to take place this week, on June 4. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that these details could be placeholders, so the price point may differ once Nintendo officially announces the console. Another source, Co-Founder of XboxEra, claims that the Nintendo Direct themed around this console is scheduled for Thursday, June 3. They add that it has been pushed before and could have been again, though.

Centro previously accurately leaked thePokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes, and as a source, it has some credence. The site’s information indicates that the console will go into production next month, with a launch window of September-October. The report adds that Nintendo has declined to comment on the situation.

Rumors of a Switch Pro have done the rounds before, but they’ve sparked up with renewed fervor in the last month or so. A recent report from Bloomberg reported that the console would be revealed before E3 2021, which takes place next week. This would leave space for Nintendo to announce all the launch titles for the improved hardware. With all the available information, Centro’s latest report seems to line up with all the available data.