Tears of The Kingdom Player Astounded By Pre-Order Delivery Date Error

Call it a time capsule.

Image via Nintendo

It’s official: the gaming world is on the edge of its seats in anticipation of Tears of the Kingdom, the latest and potentially greatest release from Nintendo. With its May 12 release date fast approaching, fans are eagerly counting down the seconds until they can get their hands on this much-anticipated game.

For one unlucky player, their excitement quickly turned to horror when they received a pre-order delivery date of January 1, 2099, from retailer Fnac. Yes, you read that right — nearly eighty years into the future.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Pre-Order Delivers Game Nearly Eighty Years Into the Future

In what can only be described as a pre-order delivery date error of epic proportions, one Tears of the Kingdom fan was astounded to discover that their highly-anticipated game would not be arriving on May 12 as expected but rather on January 1, 2099. The fan, who had eagerly pre-ordered the game from French retailer Fnac, was left scratching their head in disbelief when they received a shipping confirmation email with the otherworldly delivery date.

While it is safe to assume that the delivery date was simply an error, the mix-up has certainly provided a few chuckles for the gaming community. It’s not every day that one comes across such an outrageous delivery date, which has certainly made for an amusing story. Of course, the fan in question will no doubt be eagerly refreshing their tracking information in the coming days, hoping for some clarity.

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With just a few days to go until the official release of Tears of the Kingdom, the anticipation among gamers is palpable. Unsurprisingly, a minor shipping error has caused such a stir in the community, especially given the excitement surrounding the game’s release. It shows how invested we can become in our hobbies and interests and how much we rely on reliable shipping and delivery services to keep us happy. As for the fan in question, we can only hope that their copy of the game arrives on time and that they can enjoy playing it to their heart’s content.