Tears of the Kingdom – How To Get The Gloom Sword

Phantom Ganon drops a unique weapon – the Gloom Sword. Here are the locations to battle him for a chance to get it.

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The elements of fire, ice, and shock are all too familiar to returning Zelda players in Tears of the Kingdom. However, a new element was added in ToK that instilled fear into players’ minds: Gloom. This combination of a messy painter’s red and black goo loves to drain the life out of unsuspecting victims, temporarily taking their hearts away.

However, the game lets you turn this often-harming element into an ally with the Gloom Sword. This guide explains how to get the Gloom Sword and every spawn location for the Phantom Ganon.

Where to Get the Gloom Sword

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To obtain the powerful Gloom Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players must find and defeat Phantom Ganon

Phantom Ganon is an enemy that can be found throughout the map. To locate him, look for areas near chasms and piles of Gloom. You will then encounter Gloom Hands that will attack you. Once you defeat them all, Phantom Ganon will spawn.

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The best way to defeat Phantom Ganon is to jump back to trigger a flurry rush whenever he attacks. Alternatively, run as far back as possible and shoot at him with fused arrows. Once defeated, Phantom Ganon will drop a Gloom Sword.

The Gloom Sword is a one-handed weapon with a base attack of 41 and a durability of 15. Its unique effect, Gloom Toll, slowly inflicts the wielder with gloom.

All Phantom Ganon Locations

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If you’re set on finding and defeating Phantom Ganon to get the Gloom Sword, here are a few spawn locations for Gloom Hands:

  • Akkala Citadel Ruins
  • Eastern Abbey
  • Great Hyrule Forest Depths
  • Great Plateau Forest of Spirits
  • Hyrule Castle Docks
  • Hyrule Ridge
  • Korok Forest
  • Lindor’s Brow Cave
  • Near the peak of Mount Lanyuru
  • North Lomei Labyrinth
  • Tabahl Woods

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