Tears of the Kingdom Player Builds Star Wars TIE Fighter Using Ultrahand

Link can now invade Yavin 4 with his latest Ultrahand creation.

Riju spirit tears of the kingdom

Screenshot By Gamepur

It’s possible to merge the Star Wars and The Legend of Zelda franchises, as a player has managed to build a TIE Fighter in Tears of the Kingdom, using Ultrahand and many different components. Using this design, turning Link into Darth Link and going on a rampage across Hyrule in the name of the Emperor is something the fans can do.

Tears of the Kingdom players have been building all kinds of amusing vehicles, thanks to the power of Ultrahand. Fans have used the Zonai components to construct cars and flying machines, all of which can be used to traverse Hyrule, like some magical Grand Theft Auto game where Link can run over his enemies with impunity.

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It’s Possible to Build a Star Wars TIE Fighter in Tears of the Kingdom

One intrepid Tears of the Kingdom player built a working TIE Fighter vehicle in the game based on the TIE Advanced X1 model. A Twitter user named Tara Clay was responsible for this creation, which involves a mixture of slabs and Zonai fans that have been stitched together to form a facsimile of a TIE Fighter in Hyrule.

Unfortunately, this design has some limitations, the most notable being the battery life. This Hyrule spaceship equivalent is tied to the Zonai battery, meaning Link can only fly it for short periods. This means that Link’s TIE Fighter is unlikely to make it across the void of space, as it can barely float across Hyrule without crashing.

Link’s Tie Fighter also lacks any ranged weapons in the video, though there is one possible solution. In Tears of the Kingdom, the player can unlock the powers of Yunobo, the Sage of Fire, allowing them to shoot his body like a bullet. The Yunobo power will often appear at the front of any vehicle Link is piloting, so this could be equivalent to a blaster.

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Tears of the Kingdom has only been out for a short time, but fans have shown incredible creativity with the game. Be it torturing Koroks or building incredible machinery from a handful of parts, the Tears of the Kingdom players have pushed the power of Ultrahand far, but there’s no telling just how far it will go. Maybe next week, we’ll report on the Tears of the Kingdom Death Star as a player drops it on Ganondorf.