Tears of the Kingdom – All Geoglyph Memory Locations

Geoglyphs are a huge part of helping Link get a vital weapon in Tears of the Kingdom, but he’ll need to discover where they are first.


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Geoglyphs are similar to the memories Link needed to rediscover in Breath of the Wild. However, in Tears of the Kingdom, Geoglyphs do much more than flesh out the game’s story. They help Link repair the Master Sword. This guide outlines the location of every Geoglyph, so players can find all eleven Dragon Tears and reclaim the greatest weapon of all time.

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All Geoglyph Locations

The table below outlines the location of every Geoglyph and Dragon Tear in Tears of the Kingdom. Follow the coordinates to find them and help Link get one step closer to holding the Master Sword once more.

Geoglyph NameGeoglyph LocationWhat it Looks Like
Geoglyph #1
Where am I? Dragon Tear
This Geoglyph is northwest of Central Hyrule.
Look for a Memory Pool in the grass.
Geoglyph #2
An Unfamiliar World
Follow the path to Rito Village and this Geoglyph will be right at the end of the road.
The Memory Pool here is in the rocks and snow.
Geoglyph #3
Mineru’s Counsel
Geoglyph #4
The Gerudo Assault
Geoglyph #5
A Show of Fealty
Head into the Gerudo Highlands for this Geoglyph.
This Memory Pool is on the edge of the path in the snow.
Geoglyph #6
Zelda and Sonia
Head north from the fifth Geoglyph and you’ll come across the sixth.
This Memory Pool is in the hot rocks Link is walking across.
Geoglyph #7
Sonia is Caught by Treachery
Geoglyph #8
Birth of the Demon King
Geoglyph #9
The Sages’ Vow
Geoglyph #10
A King’s Duty
Geoglyph #11
A Master Sword in Time

How to Find Impa and Learn More About Geolyphs & Dragon Tears

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After completing the early quests in Lookout Landing and learning of the Regional Phenomena around Hyrule from Purah, Link can head to one of four locations to tackle the main story in Tears of the Kingdom. By heading towards Rito Village first, Link will encounter Impa. She needs his help getting a balloon into the air. Do this for her, and she’ll explain the Geoglyohs around Hyrule and show Link that he can leap into moments in time through the Dragon Tears at each one.

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