TotK Infinite Item Duplication Glitch: How To Dupe Items With Shield Jump

Gone are the days of using bows and quickly navigating menus to duplicate items in TotK, as a new glitch makes the process easier than ever.

tears of the kingdom shield jump duplication glitch

Image via Nintendo

Collecting resources has never been more crucial in the Legend of Zelda franchise than in Tears of the Kingdom. With the ability to Fuse resources to power up weapons – compounded with each item’s newfound beneficial properties – TotK is a collector’s dream.

That said, many of TotK’s most valuable resources are scarce or require much effort. Think Diamonds, Lynel Sabers, or Dragon Horns. Luckily, players have discovered an incredibly easy method of duplicating items that don’t require using a bow or navigating menus at breakneck speed.

How to do the Shield Jump duplication glitch in TotK

Shield Jumping (surfing) can be used to easily duplicate items in Tears of the Kingdom

Before the Tears of the Kingdom 1.1.1 update, players had to use a bow and attach a specific resource if they wanted to duplicate an item. However, this method wasn’t easy to pull off, only duplicated one item at a time, and required players to have an arrow on hand (TotK players know how hard that is).

But a new item duplication glitch only requires the player to be off the ground. This can be performed on any surface via a shield jump, or it can be performed off a ledge by deploying the paraglider. Here is a step-by-step guide on how it works:

  • Step 1: Check to see if Tears of the Kingdom is updated to version 1.1.1
  • Step 2: Make sure the item you want to duplicate is in your inventory
  • Step 3: Jump off of a ledge and deploy your paraglider (alternatively, you can perform a shield jump)
    • To shield jump, pull out your shield by holding ZL, then press X followed quickly by A
  • Step 4: While in mid-air, press the “+” button to open the menu
  • Step 5: Select the item you want to duplicate and hold up to five of them
  • Step 6: Press Y and B at the same time to exit the menu
  • Step 7: Pick up the duplicated items from the ground
  • Step 8: Repeat steps 3-7 until you have the desired amount of duplicated items

Warning: Some players have reported that the items to the left of the target items will be consumed when duplicated using this method. However, in our testing, Gamepur found that not to be the case when sorting items by Most Used.

Players can drop up to four handfuls of items in a single jump to make this method more efficient. The limit to the number of items players can drop is 21 before they start to disappear, so do not drop more than 21 items in a single jump.

It is important to note that the glitch will likely be addressed and removed in upcoming Tears of the Kingdom patches. It is also important to note that using glitches to duplicate items can always create the possibility of damaging a save file. Because of this, using the above glitch should be done at the discretion of the player, and with caution.

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