Tetris 99’s 28th Maximus Cup will feature a Pokémon Legends: Arceus theme

Gotta line ’em all up.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo announced on Friday that Tetris 99, the classic tile-matcher’s take on the battle royale genre, will cross over with Pokémon Legends: Arceus ahead of the upcoming title’s launch, which is set for January 28. Tetris 99’s 28th Maximus Cup will run from January 20 through January 24, and those who earn 100 event points will unlock the event-exclusive Pokémon theme.

Nintendo didn’t unveil the actual theme itself, but we’ll likely see footage of it in action as the event’s start date nears. When Nintendo announces new Maximus Cups, the company generally uploads gameplay footage on its YouTube channel featuring each cup’s event-exclusive theme a few days prior to each event’s start.

Tetris 99’s Maximus Cups typically see the tile-matcher collaborate with a variety of video game franchises. The game previously featured both events and themes centered around Metroid Dread, Monster Hunter Rise, and Mario Party Superstars. These themes typically consist of artwork that gives you something nice to look at while trying to avoid stacking your tetrominoes too high.

The Pokémon franchise has also had a wealth of crossovers recently. The superstar series previously collaborated with French crystal manufacturer, Baccarat, to produce a variety of expensive collector’s items. Pokémon Go also featured pop star Ed Sheeran as part of a special performance event in late 2021.