Tetsuya Nomura teases Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin DLC, hints at Dissidia NT

Nomura loves his letters.

Image via Square Enix

We already knew that Final Fantasy Origin would get DLC, but we only knew the names of the bonus missions, not what they entailed. Producer Tetsuya Nomura, best known nowadays for the Kingdom Hearts series and Final Fantasy VII Remake, has now given us a clue of what to expect. Be warned, there is a mild spoiler for the ending of Final Fantasy Origin as part of the tease.

Nomura was interviewed by Famitsu (translated by Siliconera), and while the bulk of the piece is dedicated to Origin’s use of the Frank Sinatra song “My Way,” it does include a tidbit about the DLC missions. They will all add new weapons, and at least one will feature the Warrior of Light (the catch-all name for the protagonist of Final Fantasy I), who appears at the end of the base game.

Nomura also called out the DLC mission Different Future specifically, because its title includes the letters “DFF NT.” That seems to point toward the Final Fantasy fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. Nomura’s Kingdom Hearts games are infamous for their titles and lettering, but the same Warrior of Light character model seems to be used in both games.

Final Fantasy Origin’s other two DLC missions are called Trials of the Dragon King and Wanderer of the Rift. All three are included in the game’s season pass, but they will not be sold separately.