The Cycle: Frontier extends closed beta playtest period to early November

Now you can get more time to get spawn-camped.

The Cycle Frontier

Image via Yager

If you are currently participating in the closed beta playtest for The Cycle: Frontier or thinking about getting in, we have some good news. As developer Yager hinted previously, the playtest period will be extended by an extra week. Originally set to end on November 1, the closed beta period for The Cycle: Frontier will now run until November 8.

The reason for the extension is quite pragmatic. A number of players experienced connection and latency issues between October 19 and 21, as the game’s server infrastructure got hammered by an unexpectedly large influx of new players. To make up for those players’ lost potential playtime, Yager is extending the closed beta of The Cycle: Frontier by another week.

The Cycle: Frontier closed beta playtest is available on PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store. Players are welcome to sign up for the test at any time and should also expect to be invited to future playtests which will be held before The Cycle: Frontier launches next year. Bear in mind that aside from a couple of cosmetic items, no part of the game’s robust progression will carry over into the full release version. Anything you earn during the closed beta playtest will be wiped from your account before The Cycle: Frontier launches in earnest.