The Day Before Players are Flocking to Once Human’s Beta

While The Day Before is no longer available for purchase, disappointed players have found a new home in Once Human.

the day before and once human featured image

Image via Fntastic and Starry Studio

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The Day Before is now unavailable on Steam, leaving only those who purchased it before it was pulled as the few people in the world who can play it. However, even they aren’t too keen on sticking with a dead game, so all fans are moving over to Once Human.

Fans who eagerly purchased The Day Before when it was initially released in early access were, to but it lightly, disappointed with what they got. The game is bare bones at best, which led most players to request a refund. Developer Fnastic quickly shut down after the game was released because it was financially unviable, and it’s currently in the process of working with Steam to provide refunds to all players who want one. In the meantime, players have found Once Human, a much cheaper game to fill the hole left by The Day Before.

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Players Leave The Day Before for Once Human Due to Lower Price and Fully Functional World

The reason players are leaving The Day Before and hopping into Once Human is because of the similarities between the two titles. Once Human is also an open world survival game with some crafting elements, but has a unique twist that keeps everyone on their toes.

In the world of Once Human, strange paranormal events occasionally overtake the world and make everything incredibly dangerous. Crazy enemies that are both familiar and alien, such as a school bus with six giant arms as legs, put players on edge and force them to feel scared about any noise around them.

We discovered Once Human soon after news of The Day Before’s developer shutting down broke. After tracking down the official Discord server for the game, we asked if anyone had moved over from The Day Beore, and wer eastounded by the responses.

Every other reply was some variation of players telling us how they’d played The Day Before and felt cheated that it as so bare bones, so they joined the Closed Beta Test of Once Human. One player explained how they’d sunk 40 hours into The Day Before and had moved because they’d finally lost hope it would ever get better after the developer announced its closure.

The best part for many players about Once Human is that it’s currently free to play. Developer Starry Studio is holding a Closed Beta Test that saw more than 50,000 players break its expectations and move to limit how many people can try it out. We’ve no doubt that this influx was at least party caused by The Day Before’s release and failure.