When is the release date of The Day Before?

Moving to Unreal Engine 5 takes time.

Image via FNTSTIC

The development history of The Day Before has been fraught, even as it has enjoyed plenty of hype surrounding its impending release. The open-world survival MMO set in a post-apocalyptic America overrun with zombies has been at or near the top of Steam’s most wishlisted games for months, but there have been several delays along the way. Here is the latest on when The Day Before will finally be released.

What is the release date of The Day Before?

Image via Fntastic

The Day Before was initially meant to release in June 2022 but was delayed to March 2023 due to development issues. This time, a copyright claim caused the team behind the game to move its release once again. After a day of confusion, in which The Day Before was removed from Steam without warning before the copyright issue behind the name became known, the developers at FNTASTIC took to Twitter to explain that The Day Before will now be released on November 10.

At the time of writing, The Day Before had yet to reappear on Steam, so its fate is still relatively unknown. Eight months is a long time to delay a game, especially when it was presumably nearly ready for launch in just a few weeks. We expect the developers to anticipate a prolonged legal battle ahead of them, potentially with a rebrand and a name change on the table.

Provided the team can sort out the copyright strike quickly, the game will pit players against hungry infected and desperate survivors in a world where supplies such as food, ammo, and fuel are scarce. Judging by the gameplay trailer released for The Day Before, the game promises a mixture of crafting and combat to survive in the harsh environment. However, first, the developers need to survive the most challenging setting imaginable: American copyright law.