The Escape from Tarkov 0.13 patch trailer has fans scratching their heads

Bring in the new year with desk-slamming fun.

Image via Battlestate Games

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Over 100,000 fans of Escape from Tarkov joined Battlestate Games on YouTube for the world premiere of the 0.13 patch trailer, featuring the long-awaited Streets of Tarkov. The implications of new mechanics and features included with the upcoming wipe, presumed to occur on December 28, along with the front-and-center placement of the Streets of Tarkov within the video, had fans nestled in to see what new dangers awaited them in the next patch. Unfortunately, the new trailer managed to offer more questions than answers.

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Multiple new scenes from the upcoming map, Streets of Tarkov, were prominently displayed, with building interiors and the streets themselves taking the lion’s share of the video. At no time, however, was the promise made that Streets of Tarkov was going to release with the upcoming patch — merely an implication. Further, the question of precisely when the next wipe is going to occur is also still in the air, meaning fans will need to do a bit of investigation to determine when they should clear their calendars.

An upcoming Twitch drop event for Escape from Tarkov is scheduled to take place on December 29. This puts estimates for patch 0.13, and its wipe, on December 28. Wipes tend to bring Escape from Tarkov down for multiple hours, so a Twitch drop event during a maintenance period would be an eclectic choice. If you take implications from the naming conventions of Battlestate Games and its YouTube trailer premiere, that means Streets of Tarkov should be playable by December 29. It’s important to note, however, that BSG itself made no commitments or dates for upcoming events. Historically speaking, the only place that upcoming wipes are announced is on Battlestate Games’ official Twitter — the pre-wipe event is currently underway with Escape from Tarkov, and the upcoming Twitch event would ostensibly struggle with views if it occurred during the pre-wipe. At the end of the day, we’ll just need to wait for official word from BSG.