The Gods will return in Age of Mythology Retold, the definitive edition of the classic PC game

The Gods are back.

Image via Microsoft

Xbox Game Studios and Microsoft announced the definitive edition of Age of Mythology, a spin-off title of the Age of Empires series. The definitive edition of the title is named Age of Mythology Retold, and the main tagline for the game is “Heroes will rise. Legends will battle.” The announcement trailer for Retold showcases an ancient Greek temple, where a statue of Zeus stands on a podium with the words “Gods will Return.” The camera wanders around the area, following up along the pyramids from Egypt and ending in the sky.

Age of Mythology Retold will upgrade the original game with new updated graphics and gameplay. Retold will also be part of the PC Game Pass for Microsoft and is part of the ongoing 25-anniversary celebration for the Age of Empires franchise. No release window was shared in the announcement trailer, so fans will have to follow the social media accounts for Age of Empires and Age of Mythology to keep up with any future news for Retold.

Age of Empires is a real-time strategy video game series. In contrast to the main Empires series, the Age of Mythology games center on gods and creatures from ancient myths rather than real-life empires. The original Age of Mythology title released on PC back in 2002, and it focused on legends from Greek, Egyptian, and Norse mythology. The game was re-released in 2014 as Age of Mythology: Extended Edition for Windows via Steam.

The most recent entry in the Age of Empires series, Age of Empires IV, launched on PC in October 2021. Age of Empires IV takes place during the Middle Ages to the early Renaissance and centers on 8 civilizations — the English, the Chinese, the Mongols, the Delhi Sultanate, the French, the Abbasid Dynasty, the Holy Roman Empire, and the ancient European people the Rus. The Ottomans and Malians were soon added to the game, giving players ten factions to explore.