Breath of the Wild Streamer Smashes Beginning Trials While Upside Down

A new way to play and complete The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Screenshot via Nintendo YouTube

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fans have been known to do insane things to promote the games. As we get closer to the release of Tears of the Kingdom, things continue getting more heated with excitement, including some wild Twitch streams.

Last week we saw a cross-stitched tapestry made by a Zelda fan; now we have things to a more intense level. Streamers on Twitch are known for going over and beyond for games they are passionate about, and we get to see a player complete Breath of the Wild in some extreme ways. This specific streamer has taken the bar to the next level.

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Streamer Plays Breath of the Wild Upside Down

A streamer named gv_mini on Twitch has decided to begin the trials of Breath of the Wild completely upside down. They have been tackling it for hours on their stream, and it is quite impressive. One of the comments on this post is, “You’re doing ANOTHER crazy botw thing?”

This isn’t the first crazy thing streamer gv_mini has done. Previously, they have done similar challenges while playing Breath of the Wild. Once the streamer played the game using only an Ocarina. Using it as a controller, gv_mini beat The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is amazing to think about just how much talent that took or how many game playthroughs have been completed before doing this challenge.

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This has to be the wildest thing yet when it comes to crazy and unique ways to complete Breath of the Wild. Between playing the game upside down or with an Ocarina, what could be next for this streamer? There’s no telling, especially with the release of Tears of the Kingdom right around the corner.