The Legend of Zelda Fans Cannot Get Over Demon King Ganondorf in Tears of The Kingdom

The Demon King will awaken in Tears of the Kingdom, and fans cannot get over how dreamy he is.

Image via Nintendo

The final trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has dropped, giving players the last hints they’re going to receive before jumping into the game firsthand when it arrives on May 13. However, one thing that stuck out to many fans was the new form of Ganondorf, now known as the Demon King.

The latest trailer gave us a good glimpse of Ganondorf rather than just hearing his voice. Fans agree, and they believe that the Demon King form suits Ganondorf quite a bit, and many of them are even going so far as to describe him as dreamy and have become infatuated with him.

Fans Adore the Ganondorf Demon King’s Appearance in Tears of the Kingdom

Ganondorf appears in the latest Tears of the Kingdom trailer, closer to the middle and rounding out the end of it. It sets the stage for Ganondorf’s presence in this world, and what Link will be up against throughout his journey. Although Ganondorf and his forces might be the primary threat, that doesn’t mean players are at complete odds with the character.

Several fans have commented on Nintendo’s tweet about Demon King Ganondorf and praised the character’s design and gorgeous appearance. We have comments such as, “Getting swole is Free via Nintendo,” to, “This might be my favorite design ever for this character,” and some are simply to the point, saying, “He handsome.”

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The comments range from praising Nintendo for its design work on Ganondorf to fawning about his appearance and man bun. Overall, it seems like Nintendo landed with a banger appearance choice for the infamous antagonist, and many fans are glad to see the team move away from the Calamity Ganondorf that initially appeared in Breath of the Wild.

This small preview of the character feels like an excellent payoff to fans who felt his overall design was lacking in the previous game. We’ll get our chance to check out how much Ganondorf has changed when Tears of the Kingdom arrives on the Nintendo Switch on May 13.