The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom – Everything New In The Final Trailer

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom final trailer gives fans another look at the next chapter for Hyrule, including new abilities.


Image via Nintendo

Nintendo fans were treated to one last trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom a month ahead of the game’s May 13 release date. Although the trailer was short, there were a handful of new things that players caught while they were watching the video. Here’s everything that was new that we caught that appeared in the final The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer.

Horse Combat is coming to Tears of the Kingdom

Image via Nintendo

One of the notable things we caught was that Link had several opportunities to hop on top of his trusty steed. In addition, it looks like there’s going to be a range of combat possibilities for players to explore while traveling around with their horse, which is a good thing because the upcoming world of the game looks massive.

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Item Fusing in Breath of the Wild: Tears of the Kingdom

Although already discussed before, item and resource fusing will bring new crafting to Tears of the Kingdom. This will allow players to mash multiple unique items they find in the wild to construct truly diverse devices, from large vehicles to makeshift boats. This was showcased in a gameplay trailer released earlier this year, but it’s great to see the mechanic returning in this trailer.

Interesting and Challenging Puzzles

We see brief shots of this halfway through the trailer, but we see Link jump into what looks like a large bubble of water and dive through multiple red lasers. There was also a point where Link was pushing a large wheel to move a much larger object. We can only imagine these are puzzle opportunities that players will need to complete while Teras of the Kingdom, but we didn’t get too much context behind them, so we’re left guessing as to what they could be.

Image via Nintendo

Link can Rewind Time in Tears of the Kingdom

Another power that Link can utilize in Tears of the Kingdom is the chance to rewind time. This can be done on multiple objects players find in the world or on enemy attacks. This was previously highlighted in an earlier video where a large rock fell from a floating island, and Link used the rewind ability to have the rock bring him up to the island. It looks like this power can also be utilized in combat, potentially sending an attack back at foes.

Image via Nintendo

Returning Characters from Breath of the Wild

Highlighted close to the end of this final Tears of the Kingdom trailer, multiple allies will appear to help Link take down Ganon. These allies will likely appear as players progress through the story and appear during certain parts of the campaign. We saw these characters close to the end of the game, so we don’t know where they’ll show up or if they’ll help, but we did catch a Zora fighting alongside Link.

Image via Nintendo

Although this was the final Tears of the Kingdom trailer, we’re close to getting our hands on the game and playing it ourselves. Thankfully, none of these trailers have spoiled anything about the game and have certainly increased our interest in playing it.