The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fan creates gorgeous animated art, amplifying Link’s new powers

Fans can’t wait for the arrival of Tears of the Kingdom.

Image via Nintendo

Following the big Nintendo Direct from last week, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been on everyone’s minds as we inch closer to the official release. Fans have been excited about the briefly teased mechanics and story beats hinted in the latest trailer, with fan theories flying everywhere about what could be happening to Link and Zelda. One fan recaptures a specific moment from this trailer in dazzling pixelated animated art creation, showcasing Link’s new powers.

The piece of art was created by Reddit user u/MHBali, who shared the piece on the Zelda Reddit page. The piece shows Link charging his armored right arm, preparing to unleash the gathered energy.

The artwork shows about as much as the recent trailer shared with viewers. Fans were slightly disappointed when the highlight trailer for Tears of the Kingdom arrived at the end of the latest Nintendo Direct, but the game is just months away from its official release. A full-blown trailer dedicated to Tears of the Kingdom will likely occur closer to fans finally getting their hands on it.

The trailer did give us some insight into the depth Nintendo is taking with Tears of the Kingdom. On top of likely bringing back the weapon durability system, there were several instances of Link driving a vehicle around and controlling a flying machine. These will likely be instrumental in navigating Hyrule and were potentially inspired by fan exploits in the first game, Breath of the Wild.

The wait for Tears of the Kingdom will be challenging, but thankfully we have fan art and theory discussions about holding us over until it arrives. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom officially arrives on the Nintendo Switch on May 12.