The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s vehicle building may have been inspired by BOTW’s fanmade flying machine

Inspiration comes in all forms.

Image via the Nintendo YouTube

The final video from the recent Nintendo Direct gave us a sweeping preview of what’s to come in this year’s most highly anticipated game, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The video showcased a handful of new powers Link can use while exploring Hyrule and a handful of vehicles players can use to zip across the map. Multiple fans are drawing connections from the recent footage to a popular exploit many used when playing the franchise’s previous game, The Breath of the Wild.

In The Breath of the Wild, fans could mash together several mine carts using the unique power Magnesis. It took a lot of careful counter-balancing placement and a lot of trial and error, but it became a prominent way some players explored Hyrule when walking or fast traveling took too long.

The player-created flying machine wasn’t perfect, but it made for a great way to explore the map, and it seems that Nintendo may have noticed this ingenuity. So far, we know of two vehicles that will appear in Tears of the Kingdom, a car-like contraption with snake heads mounted on the front and a flying device that Link can control with four fans on the undercarriage. Both of them look like something Link constructed in the world, though they might be something players can find while exploring the overworld.

The recent trailer has had the Zelda player base in a frenzy, picking it apart for every little detail, such as who could be voicing Ganondorf, with some thinking it could be Critical Role‘s, Matt Mercer. These details, along with Nintendo sharing a partially decayed Master Sword on Twitter, are sparking the flames for Tears of the Kingdom ahead of its official release to the Nintendo Switch on May 12.

Some fans were slightly disappointed by the trailer showcased during the event, only because they want to know every detail before jumping into this adventure. Nintendo is likely waiting to hold a large showcase exclusively for Tears of the Kingdom closer to the game’s release, even if some fans lament the $70 price tag.