TotK Fan Scandalizes Hyrule NPCs With Naked Link

But how does Zelda react to naked Link, though?

Screenshot by Gamepur

In the vast realm of Hyrule, where heroes rise and legends are forged, players of the prevalent Tears of the Kingdom have discovered an unexpected and comical phenomenon. With the game’s extensive customization options, players can dress their protagonist, Link, in various outfits or, as it turns out, absolutely nothing at all.

News of this peculiar twist has spread like wildfire, as players couldn’t resist the temptation to scandalize the game’s unsuspecting non-playable characters (NPCs). The reactions of these digital denizens to a naked hero have ranged from bewildered to outright hilarious.

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NPCs React To Naked Link in Tears of the Kingdom

Among the amusing encounters, one Hateno Village NPC shrugged off the sight, saying, “Do what your heart feels.” In contrast, a Gerudo NPC displayed a mixture of astonishment and mild intrigue, stating, “Well, he’s quite confident.” However, not all Gerudo residents were as accepting, with a guard promptly denying entrance to Link for his lack of attire, proclaiming, “The attire you are wearing is… not acceptable.”

The Gerudo community seemed particularly perturbed by the scandalous display. Another NPC chastised Link, exclaiming, “Put more clothes on!” Link’s bold choice also caught the attention of armed Gerudo women, who promptly confronted him, stating, “Hey, voe, you can’t walk around like that!” One Gerudo couldn’t resist commenting, “I know the desert is hot, but it’s not that hot.”

Even the affable merchant Beedle couldn’t help but offer his witty remark, quipping, “I thought I dressed light!” The Rito tribe NPCs expressed their surprise at Link’s lack of feathers. At the same time, the youthful inhabitants of Hyrule didn’t hold back their disapproval. One child NPC simply asked, “Can’t afford any clothes?” Another Rito child exclaimed disgustingly, “Ewww, go get dressed!”

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While the reactions of the Hyrule NPCs may be fictional, the lighthearted scandal serves as a reminder of the whimsical nature of video game worlds and the delight players find in pushing boundaries. As players continue their adventures in┬áThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, they may be tempted to experiment with Link’s attire, curious to see the endless array of reactions from the vibrant cast of characters that populate the land of Hyrule.