Tears of the Kingdom – How to Unlock Robbie’s Hateno Village Research Lab

Here’s how to unlock the Hateno Village Ancient Tech Lab and get some Purah Pad upgrades in Tears of the Kingdom

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Hateno Village Research Lab is a synonym for scientific research, technological advancement, and ancient gear. But in Tears of the Kingdom, this area isn’t accessible right away. Sure, walking up there is as easy as pinning that hill on the map. However, there will be no upgrades until you get a scientist inside the lab. Robbie, the eccentric engineer from Lookout Landing, will gladly join this cause, but first, he wants to help out his assistant Josha.

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How to Start Hateno Village Research Lab in TotK

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QuestQuest GiverLocationDescriptionStepsMap
Camera Work in the DepthsJoshaLookout LandingJoin forces with Josha, the brilliant Head of Depths Research, as she unveils clues of a long-lost civilization. With her unable to descend, you’ll be her eyes, capturing the undeniable proof in a single snapshot. Speak to Josha at Lookout Landing.
Head to Hyrule Field Chasm.
Follow the Zonai Survey Team’s directions until reaching Robbie.
Speak to Robbie and take a picture of the statue.
Speak to Josha back at Lookout Landing to finish the quest.
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Regional Phenomena (Partially)
Lookout LandingTo progress through this quest chain, complete at least one temple from Regional Phenomena. n/an/a
A Mystery in the DepthsJoshaLookout LandingJosha, armed with her mural insights and the enigmatic statue you discovered, entrusts you with a mission: venture into the Depths to uncover a “Temple-Like Building.” Follow the line of statues, hinting at a formidable power, and embark on an extraordinary journey guided by Josha’s knowledge.Speak to Josha at Lookout Landing.
Head to the Temple of Time on the surface and look for a chasm nearby.
Land on the Depths and look for the Great Abandoned Central Mine.
Speak to the Steward Construct to unlock Autobuild
Head back to Lookout Landing and speak to Josha to finish the quest.
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How to Complete Hateno Village Research Lab in TotK

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Once requirements are met, speak with Robbie in Tears of the Kingdom. Get his hot-air balloon all fixed up using Autobuild. He’ll rudely take off to the Hateno Ancient Lab without offering a ride. So, head to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab to continue this quest.

At the TotK Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, Robbie will install the sensor feature to the Purah Pad. Whenever near a shrine, the sensor will light up more frequently. Surprisingly enough, there seems to be one nearby, and Robbie wants you to pinpoint its location.

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Exit the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab and glide off the mountain. In the apple tree area below, there’s a spot covered with breakable rubble. Use a Tears of the Kingdom weapon fused with a boulder to destroy the rubble and discover a secret cave: Retsam Forest Cave. Need a boulder to fuse a destructive weapon? Two boulders can be spotted at the cave’s entrance left.

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Once inside the cave, follow the sensor that leads to Mayahisik Shrine. Activate it and head back to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Robbie is stoked that there was a shrine quite literally underneath the lab. After speaking with him, the quest will be over.

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