The Outer Worlds patch to improve graphics on Nintendo Switch

Update to “improve the game’s performance.”

The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch file size

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The Outer Worlds patch is set to improve graphics on the Nintendo Switch version, publisher Private Division has revealed.

The Nintendo Switch version was said to be running just fine in terms of performance, but that focus on performance led to washed-out texture and an overall look that felt underwhelming compared with other versions and the platform’s potential.

Private Division has confirmed that “a patch for The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch is in the works” as “the team at Virtuos is investigating to further improve the game’s performance.”

There’s no release window nor details about what Virtuos is aiming to achieve, but the note still talks about “performance.”

From a performance perspective, the game works rather well as the frame rate is reported to be stable since it was the original target of the developer.

It is unknown whether Virtuos can do something more on the resolution side of the game, which felt disappointing looking at how other RPG handle it on Switch.

Curiously, a day one patch was suggested to be downloaded as it would improve the quality of textures, but it doesn’t seem to change that much.

Perhaps, this is something the incoming patch could be focusing on when it releases later this year on Nintendo Switch.

The Outer Worlds, a first-person role-playing game from Fallout New Vegas‘ Obsidian Entertainment, is getting story DLC in 2020, although it has not been disclosed whether they’re releasing on Switch too.