The Outer Worlds pre-day one patch gameplay looks just fine on Nintendo Switch

Good performance despite taking a hit on resolution and textures.

The Outer Worlds Nintendo Switch file size

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A new video finally reveals The Outer Worlds for Nintendo Switch gameplay, which is still missing even though its release is just one day away.

The gameplay, which has been posted by YouTuber Kazuki Henjin, is 4-hour long and provides players with a first look at the Switch port.

The port had only been seen through static screenshots, thus far, and the lack of proper gameplay videos had fans worried about the quality of the game.

This specific version is handled by Chinese studio Virtuous, which has already worked on Dark Souls Remastered for Switch and, more recently, on BioShock The Collection and XCOM 2 for the same platforms.

The label has a good track record when it comes to adapting existing titles from higher specced platforms to the Switch, and has recently noted how it wouldn’t have a problem in porting PS5 and Xbox Series X games over the Nintendo hybrid system.

This version of The Outer Worlds feels just fine judging from this first video, pleasing with the quality of the performance and working as it should to secure players have the best experience possible in the TV mode.

Compared to main consoles and PC versions, it sure takes a hit when it comes to resolution and textures. However, the video is running on a version of the title which has not received its day one patch yet, and that update is going to be rather important, based on official information.

The day one patch, which is said “could be up to 6 GB” in size, “will optimize gameplay, provide additional hi-res textures, and include other fixes,” so the quality of textures should be addressed and could improve dramatically from this pre-update version.

Should that be the case, we’ll provide more details and new analysis in the days following the official release, slated for June 5.