The Pokemon Center Store Drops Sweet Drip With Pokemon Go Apparel Collection

The Pokemon Center is sporting fantastic new clothing items that let Pokemon Go players share their team pride.

Pokemon Go Apparel 2023

Image via The Pokemon Company

Getting dressed up for a Pokemon Go adventure is half the fun of attending events. From Loungefly backpacks covered in favorite companions to T-shirts with team emblems, getting into the spirit boosts any Community Day or special event. For those looking to expand their sweet drip, a new collection of clothing items at the Pokemon Center may be the perfect opportunity.

in addition to the exciting collection, The Pokemon Center store is also offering the opportunity to snag a free Egg Incubator backpack. Each item has a sleek look that will work well in any weather, and add to team spirit while out playing.

Pokemon Go Fans Can Dress Their Best For Summer Events

In a post on Twitter, the official Pokemon account shared the news about the new line of Pokemon Go apparel. The post shows off several clothing items, including jackets and icon covered t-shirts.

The clothing, which is now available at The Pokemon Center US online store, ranges from cute pull-overs to socks, offering players a range of options. Bags, enamel pins, and scarves are also available, each sporting team colors or Go Battle League levels for those looking to accessorize.

Hardcore Pokemon Go fans can pick up a Pokemon Go Trainer Gear Level 50 Jacket. While sitting at $129.99 USD in price, the patch-adorned jacket could be an excellent way for level 50 players to broadcast their achievements.

However, those looking for a more casual way to broadcast Pokemon Go team pride can snag windbreakers for $49.99 USD and T-shirts in several styles for $24.99 USD.

These items come just in time, as fans around the world prepare for Pokemon Go Fest 2023. Trainers preparing for an in-person event may want to snatch a few items, so they can look their best when heading out to chase down Mythical Pokemon and conquer other trainers in epic battles.