The Sims 4 Infant Update brings new traits, science babies, and child psychology

Keep your baby on your hip or behind a fence.

Screenshot by Gamepur

On March 3, The Sims YouTube livestream gave fans exciting news about The Sims 4’s impending Infant Update. Long-time The Sims 4 lovers have been thrilled about how the Infant Update will make infants more dynamic, holistic life. They can play, interact with their parents, and stretch out their personalities. However, the full spread of the Infant Update wasn’t explained until this livestream, and an infant’s life is so much richer than The Sims’ fans ever could’ve expected.

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One of the most game-changing additions to the Infant Update is that the infants, like all other stages of life, will get their own traits. Infants have entirely unique traits, though, all focused on their moods and how they interact with their family and the world. There are six traits in total: Cautious, Sensitive, Calm, Intense, Wiggly, and Sunny.

The mere conception of infants has even changed, though. Reflecting surrogacy, IVF, and queer-platonic relationships, your sims can now create “science babies”, AKA babies made with scientific assistance. With a romantic partner, a close friend, or by yourself, you can pay $1200 and use genetics to create a child, no pregnancy-wait required.

Babies will also remember how they’re treated as a kid, having real repercussions on their older life. If a baby is well-treated, they’ll get a “Top-Notch” care trait as a toddler, making them more affectionate and trusting. If they aren’t, they’ll get an “Unhappy Baby” trait and be more skeptical and untrustworthy.

From baby glasses to convertible cribs, food preferences to giant stuffed llamas, you can “babyproof” every inch of your sims’ life and really change what it means to conceive, grow, and be an infant Sim.