The Wild Update will be the next major update for Minecraft

Things are about to get wild.

The Wild Update

Image via Mojang

Minecraft as a game is always growing and changing, and bringing new content to its players every year. With the Caves & Cliffs Part II update coming at the end of this year, it was clear that it was time to announce what would be coming next. At this year’s Minecraft Live, the team revealed what the 2022 update for Minecraft would look like. When 2022 rolls around, we are going to be seeing new biomes, new mobs and more in The Wild Update.

The Wild Update is first and foremost going to bring with it the Deep Dark. A dark, underground world filled with ancient cities and terrifying creatures. This was, of course, originally going to be part of the Caves & Cliffs update, however, with the addition of the ancient cities, and some new blocks and items, the release for the Deep Dark has been pushed into the next update.

The original content for The Wild Update includes exciting new mobs like Frogs, Fireflies, and the mob vote winner: the Allay. It will also add a new above-ground biome, the Mangrove Swamp. This will add a new wood type, trees with exposed roots, and they will also be one of the possible homes for our Frogs and Fireflies.

There are other additions as well, like mud, mud bricks, and being able to put chests in boats. This update will also add more ambience and atmosphere to individual biomes, and make the world really come alive.

Minecraft’s The Wild Update will be released in 2022.