The World Streams for the Wishes returns in April to show critically ill children that dreams do come true

Help grant a wish.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Make-A-Wish foundation has granted over 550,000 wishes to critically ill children around the world, and they have recently taken to the streaming community to help grant even more wishes going forward. The foundation is set to host a second run of last year’s The World Streams for the Wishes fundraiser that managed to help critically ill children all over the world. This year’s event will return in April, allowing anyone to stream for charity under The World Streams for the Wishes banner.

The foundation invites streamers to join content creators around the world and raise funds to grant a wish to children in need. Make-A-Wish has helped children in over 50 countries, and last year The World Streams for the Wishes fundraiser raised over $125K to help critically ill children.

Streamers can help by livestreaming themselves playing games at any time during the month of April. These streams can be in any language and are not restricted to a specific platform. The foundation accepts donations via Tiltify, and provides a content creator toolkit to help ease the process.

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Many children are making gaming wishes nowadays, and granting them helps children socialize, connect, and thrive through entertainment. Make-A-Wish has granted over 1,000 gaming computers and 1,600 consoles since 2021 to wish children. Some have even gotten a mobile phone. In total, over 12,000 gaming wishes have been granted in the past two years.

Streamers that help raise enough funds are even granted exclusive The World Streams for the Wishes merchandise. Make-A-Wish is a very generous organization, and does great work for children who could use a little bit of magic. It would be so exciting to see them raise even more this time around.