Torbjörn and Bastion are returning to Overwatch 2 next week after leave of absence due to bugs

Blizzard is bringing Junkertown back along with them.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 has had a rough launch, with players experiencing server stability issues, DDOS attacks, balance problems, and a host of bugs. In the midst of all that, two of Overwatch’s fan-favorite characters, Bastion and Torbjörn, had game-breaking problems, so prominent that they had to be temporarily removed from the game.

Bastion’s kit was generally buggy, even during beta testing. For a short period during the release of Overwatch 2, his damage output and bugged endless Artillery ultimate made for some hilarious results unless you were on the receiving end, of course.

Torbjörn’s issues were slightly less dramatic, but his Overload ability had allowed him to gain more armor than intended. This bug resulted in an immortal tank Torbjörn that acted like a bullet sponge for his team.

The Overwatch dev team decided to pull both heroes from the roster to tinker and fix them. However, Blizzard didn’t offer a return date for either of the heroes during that time, leaving the community scratching their heads and wondering when we’ll be able to play them again.

Overwatch commercial leader John Spector has taken to Twitter today to inform the community that the two wayward characters will return to the fold with the next patch. The update is set to deploy with the next maintenance cycle on October 25. This patch will also see the return of the Junkertown map, which was removed as it was causing a few graphics performance issues for some players.

It remains to be seen how the fixes will affect the two returning characters and what impact they’ll have on the game since the players have been able to play Overwatch 2 without fear of that dreaded Bastion swap or sneaky Torbjörn turret.