Triangle Strategy has sold 800,000 copies worldwide, on track to match Octopath Traveler

HD-2D sells.

Image via Square Enix

Square Enix has revealed that its HD-2D strategy RPG Triangle Strategy has sold 800,000 copies worldwide since its launch on March 4. That means across physical and digital copies, the title has sold 800,000 units in just two weeks.

While it hasn’t done Elden Ring numbers, Triangle Strategy is a success story for Square Enix and developer Team Asano. It represents a comeback of strategy RPGs in the ilk of Final Fantasy Tactics, a genre which, outside of Nintendo’s Fire Emblem, tends not to have a large mainstream appeal.

Team Asano is pleased with the game’s early success, taking to Twitter to reveal the sales milestone in a thankful message. When Google translated, Asano’s message reads “more than 200,000” copies have sold in Japan and Asia, “800,000 in the world… Thank you.” To celebrate the sales milestone, character designer Naoki Ikushima released a new illustration.

With 800,000 copies sold around the world in two weeks, Triangle Strategy is on track to match Team Asano’s Octopath Traveler, which shipped one million units in three weeks. It’s no wonder that the game has sold well, with its distinct HD-2D graphics and engaging story that is both familiar and surprising at the same time.