Trombone Champ gets the ultimate Guitar Hero challenge: Through the Fire and the Flames

Herman Li would be impressed.

Image via Holy Wow

Trombone Champ has taken the internet by storm. Flailing around while trying to play classic public domain tunes by clicking and dragging the mouse leads to all sorts of hilarity. Wrong notes, wonky slides, and all sorts of silly sounds occur when people try to become the titular champion of the trombone. For those looking for the ultimate challenge (or laugh), the game’s modding community has made some great additions.

Recently, modder DerpyChap added DragonForce’s “Through the Fire and the Flames,” a ripping tune that every Guitar Hero 3 player will be familiar with. The metal epic was added to that game as its hardest song, with hyper-fast riffs and tricky solos meant for only the best of players. Bringing that intensity to Trombone Hero is an inspired choice — especially since it means strapping players in for nearly eight full minutes of trombone virtuosity. You can see (and hear) how that goes in DerpyChap’s video below.

“Through the Fire and the Flames” stands in quite a comedic contrast to the rest of the Trombone Champ catalog, and not just because it’s several minutes longer than the rest of the base songs. Every playable song in the regular game is a public domain ditty, so suddenly jumping into an internet-famous metal number is a hilarious shift. Those curious about additional mods like this can visit the Trombone Champ modding Discord to get in on the action.

The regular game has seen great success since launching roughly a month before this particular mod. As of the time of this writing, it has over 1700 reviews on Steam, maintaining an Overwhelmingly Positive label. That’s no one million Terraria reviews, but it’s still pretty darn great for a silly gimmick game. It’s a wonder no one tried to create anything like Trombone Champ before. Those reviews and the flood of fan mods show that there was always an audience for it.