Ubisoft reveals why the Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction are all from Siege

This was the first Rainbow Six game for most of the development team.

Image via Ubisoft

In a recent interview, Patrik Méthé, creative director on Rainbow Six Extraction, explained why the Operators in the game have all been pulled from those in Rainbow Six Siege. While it might seem logical to pull from the well-known Operators in Siege, it’s not until now that someone on the development team has said why this is the case.

Méthé revealed, in an interview with GameSpot, that the reason Extraction pulls its 18 Operators from Siege’s pool is that the team “have such a rich roster of operators available.” While the team picked those Operators that were more suitable for a PvE experience from the roster, it didn’t seem like a good use of time to create new Operators when there are so many fans already know and love in the Rainbow Six universe.

Interestingly, the Operators that players don’t pick as much in Siege often made the best options for a transition to Extraction. Operators such as Tachanka and Pulse don’t have the same instant gratification when it comes to their gadgets as others do. Still, in Extraction, they form part of a team dynamic that allows you to track enemies and defend yourselves far better in any situation.

We tried several of the 18 Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction in our recent hands-on with the game. We found that they create a cohesive experience that allows for coordinated team-based attacks on the Archaean menace across all locations.