Ultimate Chicken Horse saddles up for a Shellebration update featuring a new Turtle character

Of course there is a ninja skin.

Image via Clever Endeavour Games

Ultimate Chicken Horse is about to turn seven years old soon, and Clever Endeavour Games is not letting this milestone go to waste. The developer announced that it will be putting out an update called Shellebration next week. This free DLC will go live on March 7 and includes a brand new Turtle character that players can use to continue to screw each other over in clever platform racing fun.

The update will be released on all available platforms for Ultimate Chicken Horse and actually adds some substantial new content. The new Turtle character is the first addition to the roster since Hippo over a year ago. It is being voiced by the team’s previous community manager, Syd, and comes with an alternative skin to turn it into an Armadillo. The two versions feature wardrobes designed by the community and include Helmet, Pirate, and even Ninja variations.

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The update also brings a new level into the mix called Metro. This map features an underground metro train in which the players must navigate its rooftops while building blocks and traps to fill the gaps between the station platforms. This level is designed with train stations straight from Clever Endeavour Games’ home of Montreal, Canada.

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Rounding out the update is a new music track and a bunch of improvements and bug fixes to address any lingering pain points with the title. Players will be able to unlock new content for free by playing levels with a “?” symbol and collecting mystery boxes during the game. Clever Endeavour Games hopes the community will celebrate with them by sharing anniversary-themed custom levels and fanart.