Is Ultimate Chicken Horse cross platform/crossplay? Answered

Party animal.

Image via Clever Endeavour Games

Ultimate Chicken Horse is a platform party game where players can build their own obstacles. Players select an animal character to play as and decide what stage they want to compete in. At the start of every round, the players can select a single obstacle from a box and place it anywhere on the stage. Players can decide if they either want to make it easier to get to the goal or make it harder so that other players can’t make it. Points are determined by who gets to the goal first, and if any or all players make it to the goal.

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Is Ultimate Chicken Horse cross platform/crossplay?

Image via Clever Endeavour Games

The game works similarly to the Mario Party titles where a group of gamers competes with one another to see who is the Ultimate Chicken Horse. Because the last few years have forced players to be trapped in their homes, online gaming has become vital for gamers to play with their friends. Though Ultimate Chicken Horse does offer online multiplayer, the game has been released on more than one platform. The game is available on the PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. But does Ultimate Chicken Horse support online cross platform/crossplay?

The studio behind Ultimate Chicken Horse, Cleverly Endeavor, released the Acobratic update for the game back in 2020. The update included several new traps/obstacles, two new stages, and a brand new playable character the Cobra, who puts the COBRA in the aCOBRAtic update. The update also brought crossplay to the title, but unfortunately only for certain platforms.

Ultimate Chicken Horse on the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4, and PC can use the crossplay functionality to play with one another. Crossplay for the Xbox One was not included. According to Cleverly Endeavor, the reason for no crossplay on the Xbox One is that it couldn’t reach the requirements to enable cross platform on the Xbox console. It’s been two years since the Acrobatic update and there’s still no word on crossplay working with the Xbox One.