What is the Unlock Everything cheat code in Ultimate Chicken Horse? Answered

Unlock more than just chickens and horses.

Image via Clever Endeavor Games

In the Mario Maker-like multiplayer party game Ultimate Chicken Horse, up to four players can muck about and create their own short platforming levels. General play is split up into rounds, where players can add platforms and deadly obstacles to stump everyone else, all while trying to reach the end. As the name implies, you play as fun animal characters, several being unlockable. There’s a magic cheat code to unlock all characters, levels, and outfits in Ultimate Chicken Horse, but there is a caveat.

How to unlock everything in Ultimate Chicken Horse

Usually, you unlock new content in Ultimate Chicken Horse through finding randomly spawning Mystery Boxes; you’ll know that a level has a Mystery Box if the lobby displays a question mark for that level. But the easiest way to unlock all content in Ultimate Chicken Horse is through a cheat code. You’ll input it while in the Treehouse lobby, and you’ll hit the following buttons:

  • Dance Dance Run Run Dance Dance RotateRight

Obviously, different platforms have different buttons and layouts, so below are instructions on how to input that for each platform or control method.

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Ultimate Chicken Horse cheat code button inputs

  • PC (keyboard): R R LeftShift LeftShift R R E
  • Xbox controller: Y Y X X Y Y RB
  • PlayStation controller: Triangle Triangle Square Square Triangle Triangle R1
  • Nintendo Switch controller: Y Y X X Y Y R

Achievements affected by Ultimate Chicken Horse cheat code

Since there are Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation achievements linked to unlocking content in-game, using the cheat code in Ultimate Chicken Horse will disable these achievements. The following achievements and trophies are no longer obtainable after inputting the cheat code:

  • A New Friend Appears 
  • Building a Community 
  • Young Explorer 
  • Magellan 
  • Gettin’ Fancy 
  • Full Wardrobe

However, resetting all of your stats and progress will let you earn those achievements again; you’ll just be starting from scratch. To reset your stats, while in the Treehouse lobby, open the menu, go to Stats, and hit the big red “Reset all stats and clear game progress” button.