Atomic Heart’s chaotic combat and weapons showcased in RTX gameplay trailer, confirms DLSS 3 support

A pretty apocalypse to contend with.

Image via Mundfish

Atomic Heart promises to deliver an element of chaos to gamers when it launches on February 21, with gameplay that focuses on using the environment to utilize the impressive arsenal of weapons at your disposal in the game. And judging by the newest trailer for the game, it will look very pretty while doing it. Providing, of course, that you’ve got a beefy PC to play it on.

The latest trailer for Atomic Heart shows just how beautiful a dystopian world can be. Released as part of a partnership with Nvidia, we get to see what the imaginative art style looks like with a top-end graphics card under the hood of your PC. Here we see Atomic Heart in action with the GeForce RTX’s DLSS 3 technology powering the graphics, and the results are simply spectacular.

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From the water effects in the opening seconds of the trailer to the lush organic environments to the chaotic combat shown, Atomic Heart’s unique character designs and art style look great here. The console version of the game probably won’t look quite as good, but it is still interesting to see what the developers at Mudfish are capable of with the latest tech at their disposal.

Aside from looking very pretty, this Atomic Heart trailer also features some gameplay footage, showing how strange the world the developers have created can be. Enemies range from giant robotic snakes to weird humanoid figures clad in white and even a giant bouncing ball. There are multiple weapons on display here, plus moments where the protagonist uses hand gestures to launch enemies in the air or hit them with lightning bolts.

The combat is frantic, with swarms of enemies to contend with and lots of area effects to use to slow them down. In all, it is a solid showing for the game in the weeks leading up to its release, even with the promised multiplayer features reportedly scraped for good.