A future Duviri Paradox gameplay reveal and The Citrines Last Wish update headline Warframe’s first 2023 Devstream

Warframe celebrates its tenth anniversary with a tease of the future.

image via Digital Extremes

The team at Digital Extremes is back with their first Warframe Devstream of 2023, featuring several members of the development team and a slew of announcements coming to the popular free-to-play shooter in the coming months.

After the much-anticipated Duviri Paradox expansion was delayed out of Winter 2022, Digital Extremes promised a fresh look and update on this content in this Devstream. Warframe creative director Rebecca Ford announced a slight delay to a Duviri Paradox-focused livestream, which will now occur in February. However, Ford did share a handful of new screenshots and promised a full gameplay demo during the February Duviri Paradox-focused stream.

The team then focused on Warframe’s tenth anniversary, which falls on March 25, with the promise of lots of exciting content coming to players as they celebrate the decade-long milestone. The Star Days event is set to return on February 1, with a return of old event cosmetics joining a new assortment of Valentines themed emotes and unlocks.

Citrines Last Wish will be the next major Warframe update coming to all platforms in February. Like The Lua’s Prey update, this content brings a new Warframe called Citrine, and a variant of the classic Defense mode called Mirror Defense. It takes place in an old Corpus tileset celebrating the game’s tenth anniversary.

Players must complete the Heart of Deimos quest to access this content, as the vendor Otak will let you spend currency from this variant mode to unlock Citrine’s parts and signature weapons. Citrine will also launch with an alternate helmet and a new deluxe skin for Rhino.

Citrine is designed as a support frame rather than an all-around character. Her signature weapons are a shotgun named Steflos and a two-handed Scythe melee weapon Corufell. Both these weapons can drop in Mirror Defense mode and launch alongside the new Warframe in Citrine’s Last Wish update.