Warframe’s latest stream promises an in-depth look at the long-awaited Duviri Paradox expansion

The future of Warframe is coming.

image via Digital Extremes

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After being hit with several delays, the long-awaited preview stream for Warframe’s Duviri Paradox expansion has been given a concrete date. In addition to a date, Digital Extremes announced that it will be showcasing the next Prime Warframe and tentative plans for its annual Tennocon Live Summer event.

The first in-depth Duviri Paradox gameplay preview will be taking place during the monthly Warframe Devstream series, which is currently set for March 3 at 2 PM ET live from Digital Extremes’ Twitch channel. This stream is expected to finally explain more gameplay concepts initially shown and hinted at during the Tennocon 2022 Live Duviri Paradox demonstration.

Devstream 168 will showcase a series of changes coming to Drifter gameplay, as this new expansion stars the Drifter rather than your Warframe. The focus on the Drifter, an alternate version of the Tenno trapped in another dimension, promises to shift gameplay and narrative storytelling for the free-to-play shooter. The nature of the story and gameplay will involve rogue-like mechanics, which would be a first for the series. This expansion also features the fourth open-world environment, which promises new resources, weapons, and even horse riding to go along with it.

This live stream will also unveil the next character getting the Prime Access treatment, alongside the first details on the upcoming 2023 Tennocon event. Reaction to this announcement has been muted, as this gameplay reveal was slated to happen during January’s live stream, only to be delayed at the last minute. Delays and Warframe are not new, but the Prime Soon memes have run rampant the longer it has taken for the Duviri Paradox, initially shown in 2019, to hit any promised release dates.

The Duviri Paradox will be a fundamental shift to Warframe’s core gameplay loop, and we are now closer than ever to finally seeing what the future of Warframe looks like.