When does The Duviri Paradox release in Warframe? Answered

Just have to wait a little bit longer.

image via Digital Extremes

The Duviri Paradox is the next major expansion coming to Warframe. The Duviri Paradox was initially announced during the 2019 Tennocon Live event. It showed the Tenno, fully grown into an adult in an alien world, mounted on a horse. It was different from anything in Warframe then, and it’s been anticipated ever since. This guide will explain when to expect the Duviri Paradox release in Warframe.

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When is the release date of Warframe Duviri Paradox expansion?

The Duviri Paradox was fully revealed during the 2022 Tennocon Live event with an extensive gameplay trailer featuring many new features and characters. A release date of Winter 2022 was initially given for the update, with the Veilbreaker quest billed as its official lead-in. During the monthly Warframe Devstream 165 broadcast, Digital Extreme announced a delay for the Duviri Paradox expansion.

The developers stated they didn’t feel the timing was right and decided to push the anticipated update into 2023. The Duviri Paradox is now tentatively slated to arrive in April for all platforms.

image via Digital Extremes

A Duviri-themed Devstream was revealed in March, and it showed off details and new content for the latest open-world arriving alongside this expansion. It features a new entry point for all Warframe players. It features various roguelike influences that can change the gameplay experience with each session.