Wild Rift set to arrive in North and South America in March

League of Legends: Wild Rift has been in the hands of gamers across different areas of the globe with regional open betas. This mobile MOBA, however, will soon be making its way onto the phones of many more in early Spring, as the developers have announced they plan to expand the open beta to the Americas sometime in March.

Players first jumping into this new take on LoL will find that some of the abilities have been adjusted. As announced in a recent livestream, some champions, like Katarina and Rammus, have had their ultimate abilities changed to better fit the format of playing on your phone.

Wild Rift has had open betas in different regions like Europe and the Middle East, which had access in December. Countries like South Korea and Indonesia were the first to experience the beta, having access since October. Now, however, gamers all across North and South America will be able to test this game out for themselves.

Riot plans to continue to update this game and will add two more champions per month throughout 2021. To sign up for the newsletter, and get access when the open beta finally launches, check out the Wild Rift website here.