Wizard With a Gun Official Gunmancer’s Diary: Exploring the Shatter Trailer Hypes Gameplay

Wizard With a Gun has fans captivated by colorful, fast-paced combat, and the newest trailer teases just what awaits players excited for release.

Wizard With a Gun is an upcoming Co-Op Sandbox Survival Shooter set in the wild world comprised of arcane firearms, time travel hijinks, eldritch horrors, and a whole lot of chaos. It’s a game published by Devolver Digital and Galvanic Games (best known for other games like Some Distant Memory and Gurgamoth) that many indie game fanatics have been eagerly awaiting.

The game has garnered considerable attention thanks to its quirky graphics, interesting premise, and multiplayer gameplay. With a launch date of October 17, 2023, fans are eager for any new details – and a recent trailer has offered a few new tidbits that are boosting pre-release hype.

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Gunmancer’s Diary Trailer Showcases the World

On October 2, 2023, Devolver Digital dropped a new WWaG trailer on their official YouTube channel, offering a deeper look at the game as a whole. The trailer has renewed excitement ahead of the Wizard With a Gun’s release and answered many questions fans have been curious about since it was first announced.

The trailer uses the same haunting music used in previous content the player’s Wizard travels different maps. The footage includes a look at multiple locations, the crafting system, different monsters, and combat techniques.

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Fans who managed to get into any of the early looks at the game have already gotten a taste of what Wizard With a Gun’s crafting, combat, and exploration felt like. But, this trailer shows them as well as the wider audience, that there’s even more to this game than they probably thought. Needless to say, we’re excited about it and will be picking it up when the game comes out on October 17th, 2023 on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5 (with a Switch version apparently coming later down the line).