Gunblood: All Cheat Codes & Level Codes

There are several cheat and level codes you can use while playing Gunblood, and this guide covers each ones and how they work.

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Updated October 3, 2023

Checked for new cheats!

Gunblood is an online browser game that pits you against various Wild West-themed characters in a shoot-out scene worthy of any Western film. The game has nine levels plus four bonus levels that can be unlocked, but if you’re impatient, you can use cheat codes and level codes to advance even quicker.

The cheat codes are not for everyone, but if you’d prefer to give them a shot while playing, we have them all listed out for you to try and what they will do for you in the game. Here are all of the cheat codes and level codes currently available for Gunblood.

Every Cheat & Level Code in Gunblood, & How They Work

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Using cheat codes in Gunblood is easier than in games like The Sims 4, which requires using console commands to activate. There is a box to input your cheat code on the character select screen. It is important to note that the codes aren’t case-sensitive.

However, if you input it correctly, you’ll hear a sound effect play to confirm the code has been accepted. If you made a mistake while typing it or accidentally added a space to the end of the code, the text will change to INVALID, so you’ll know to try again.

These are all of the current cheat codes that you can utilize in Gunblood and what they’re going to do in your game.

  • FASTFIRE – Increases your rate of fire
  • MOREAMMO – This code will give you unlimited ammo in Gunblood
  • NOHIT – Grants you invincibility. However, remember that you can still fail a level if you do not achieve the objectives.
  • POINTER – Adds a laser pointer to your gun in Gunblood, making aiming significantly easier.

For returning players, you might want to skip some of the levels you’ve already completed. To skip to a specific level, enter one of the following codes:

  • LEVEL1 – Switch back to Level 1
  • LEVEL2 – Skip to Level 2
  • LEVEL3 – Skip to Level 3
  • LEVEL4 – Skip to Level 4
  • LEVEL5 – Skip to Level 5
  • LEVEL6 – Skip to Level 6
  • LEVEL7 – Skip to Level 7
  • LEVEL8 – Skip to Level 8
  • LEVEL9 – Skip to Level 9
  • BONUS1 – Skip to Bonus Stage 1
  • BONUS2 – Skip to Bonus Stage 2
  • BONUS3 – Skip to Bonus Stage 3
  • BONUS4 – Skip to Bonus Stage 4

I recommend using the skill levels if you dondon’tnt to return to locations youyou’veready played. They might not be as fun for you if you havhaven’tready completed them. It might be best to try out these cheat codes after youyou’veworked through the game once, and then return to them when youyou’dke to go through them again.