Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty getting brutalized by PC reviews

Major performance issues plague the title.

Image via Team Ninja

Team Ninja’s latest souls-like game, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, is not having the most well-regarded launches of the week. The action RPG set in ancient China has released on consoles and PC, but the game has been heavily criticized for its abysmal performance issues, especially on PC. Players are not letting this title get away with being poorly optimized, however, and have taken to Steam to butcher Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s review section.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty sits in the jaw-dropping “Mostly Negative” category with almost 6,000 reviews. It is hard to find a truly impressed review amongst the sea of hundreds of red thumbs down posts. Players have described it as the worst PC port ever released, which is sad because many think there is a great game hidden underneath these massive technical flaws.

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The game is having a truly hard time when it comes to performance. Players report frame rate drops into the single digits during scenes with heavy rendering, and frequent stuttering to go with it. Some fail to even launch the game, and cutscenes have been said to cause total crashes on occasion.

Mouse and keyboard users are also very upset, as many believe there is flaws with the game’s mouse inputs that cause issues with the camera. Navigating menus is also apparently a chore on PC controls. Not everyone even posts hate for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty based on its performance issues, however, as some simply find the combat repetitive and boring or are finding bugs.

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Team Ninja has commented on the matter, stating that they are planning to release a patch soon to improve some of the most apparent issues. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is not a complete trainwreck, however. There are many players enjoying the title, and it has a healthy presence of concurrent players on Steam at the moment. At most, a tidal wave of overwhelmingly negative reviews is sure to get Team Ninja working hard to improve performance.