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How to parry in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Parry timing

Raise your Spirit with a perfect deflection.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is certainly nothing short of a difficult action title, with several enemy types and bosses able to take you out with just a few attacks. This makes using defensive mechanics a necessity, as simply rolling away from your opponents won’t prove to be enough. Thankfully, players can utilize parrying in order to throw opponents off-balance and land a final blow to them. Here’s how to have perfect parry timing in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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How to parry and counter attacks in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

In Wo Long, parries are known as “deflects” and performing just a single one has numerous benefits. To begin a deflect, you will first need to wait until an enemy is on the verge of swinging their sword, or when there is a visible red glow on them before their Critical Blow attacks. At this moment, a deflect can be done by tapping Circle (PlayStation), B (Xbox), or Tab (PC). This will then cause the enemy to regather their balance, lending you time to perform multiple attacks in a row.

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Depending on how many times you have successfully parried, you may also have the ability to pull off a Spirit Attack. With each successful deflect, the Spirit Meter below your health bar will fill to the right, giving you enough stamina to perform this heavy attack. Meanwhile, your enemy’s own Spirit Meter will deplete upon being deflected, making it less likely for them to deal large amounts of damage for the time being. However, if you are able to drain their Spirit entirely, you can then finish them with a Fatal Strike.

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By mastering your deflections and defeating enemies, you will come to find that opponents drop Genuine Qi. Once you have found enough Genuine Qi, they can then be taken to any Battle Flag and spent on leveling up your Virtues. These function as stats that indicate the health and strength of your character as well as the amount of Spirit you can earn with each attack or deflect.

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