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How long does Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty take to beat?

Here is how long it will take you.

Team Ninja is known for games like Ninja Gaiden and Nioh, which feature fast-paced action and brutal difficulty. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the team’s follow-up to the Nioh series, trying to push the team’s vision for Souls-like combat forward. You might be wondering how tough Wo Long is and if it’s going to take you a long time to complete. In this guide, you will learn exactly how many hours to be expected to put into it.

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How many hours is Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a linear, action game that has many different playstyle options and tons of gear. Team Ninja has created a more level-based experience game rather than the styles of its past works, which can change up the difficulty a bit. It will take 40 hours to beat Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty your first time through.

However, keep in mind that this is based on an average run length. If you want to play more in-depth and complete as much as possible, then based on some speculation from other games like Nioh, it could take 60 hours or more to complete everything. Team Ninja has been known for making sure its games are packed with levels and side missions so there is a lot that could be discovered in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. But again, if you play to do a quick playthrough, that is a bit less hardcore, it should only take you about 40 hours to complete.

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Even after you complete it, there is still playability in the game as it does have a co-op mode so you can play with your friends. Don’t be worried about finishing the game and running out of reasons to boot Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty up anytime soon.

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