World of Warcraft couple gets lucky after both receive rare X-45 Heartbreaker mount on Valentine’s Day at the same time

Put a ring on that right now!

Image via Activision Blizzard

Alanis Morissette once took the world by storm when she listed off all the things in life that she considered ironic. Whether or not these examples are truly ironic is up for debate, but two players in World of Warcraft are now adding to the list on this day for love. A couple in the popular MMO queued together into the Valentine’s Day event boss dungeon for their daily attempt at the rare X-45 Heartbreaker mount and got quite lucky. What is the irony? The event mount dropped for both of them in the same run.

The couple in question took to Reddit to share their happiness with the community. Players rejoiced in their unlikely situation, while also urging the two to get married as this amount of luck is just too ludicrous to be a coincidence.

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Others congratulated them while spilling their frustrations on how the mount still eludes them even after Blizzard slightly raised the chance of obtaining it on the first try of the day. Don’t laugh at these people though, for there are a lot of unlucky, rocket-less souls. Much like the masses in the comments, they have beaten their heads against this boss year after year with nothing to show for it. Perhaps dragging their significant others into the dungeon will grant some extra luck.

The X-45 Heartbreaker mount has existed in the game for over a decade. It used to be known as the Big Love Rocket but was given a name change last year in Blizzard’s attempt to take out offensive things in the game. It has been notoriously one of the rarest mounts in the MMO until this year because it was only farmable for two weeks during the Love is in the Air event and had a .001% chance to drop. With this in mind, the couple should next run out and buy two lottery tickets together.