How to get the X-45 Heartbreaker (Big Love Rocket) in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

This really is a whole lotta love.

Image via Activision Blizzard

Love is in the Air yet again in the World of Warcraft, where “war” is put aside for two weeks to celebrate the in-game version of Valentine’s Day, and everyone wants to hear those three little words: Big Love Rocket. I mean, I lov… yeah, no, I mean Big Love Rocket. The most beloved gift of this season is the X-45 Heartbreaker mount, formerly known as the Big Love Rocket, a rideable bright pink rocket that’s dripping with style.

How to unlock the Big Love Rocket in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

X-45 Heartbreaker mount has long been notorious due to its insanely low drop rate since its first appearance in Azeroth in 2010. It’s available only during the Love is in the Air event, which lasts just two weeks in February (February 6 to 20). Thankfully, Blizzard has finally acknowledged that the drop rate of this mount, along with some Mists of Pandaria world boss mounts, was unreasonably low and has increased the drop rate starting during this year’s event.

Previously, the only option to increase your chances were to endlessly farm the event’s boss battle, defeating Apothecary Hummel and the Crown Chemical Co. on every single character on your account each day and hope for the best. The X-45 Heartbreaker has a chance to drop from the Heart Shaped Box, which can be earned once per day, per character during the event. You can queue up for the battle in any major faction city by speaking to an NPC or via the Dungeon Finder.

While farming the boss on all your characters is still a viable strategy, it’s thankfully been improved upon. As of February 2023, the odds of receiving the X-45 Heartbreaker mount from the Heart Shaped Box from your first kill of the day have been “greatly increased.” The drop rate will revert to its original chance for any kills beyond the first, so you can still farm the mount using your alts for more chances.

You will only be eligible to receive the X-45 Heartbreaker on characters that are level 60 or higher, so your lower-leveled alts are out of luck. Still, this welcome change allows more players to get their hands on this beautiful machine and share the love with others.