World of Warcraft increases the obscene drop rate of rare Valentine’s Day event mount after a decade of complaints

There have been a lot of broken hearts over the years.

Image via Activision Blizzard

World of Warcraft has a crazy amount of mounts to collect, and some of them are definitely rarer than others. Over the years, Blizzard has let up on some of the more drastic drop chances of outlier collectibles, but it wasn’t until the Dragonflight expansion that they really made it a priority.

Now, players have set their sights on the Love is in the Air Valentine’s Day event mount as the next to change. The X-45 Heartbreaker rocket mount has enjoyed an obscenely low chance to drop since being added to the game in 2010, and Blizzard is now making good on its promise to raise the chance of obtaining it during the event.

The X-45 Heartbreaker mount was formerly known as the Big Love Rocket before Blizzard took a hammer to anything remotely offensive in the game last year. During the name change, players made it abundantly clear that they were sick of farming it every year on multiple characters without a shred of luck to show for it.

Blizzard promised last year to change the drop chance for 2023, and it has finally been confirmed for the event this year. Players first attempt for each day on their account will have a drastically higher chance to loot the mount, but subsequent kills on the same day from other characters on the account will still have the previous drop chance. The Love is in the Air event runs from February 6 to February 20, giving players a good two weeks to try their increased luck.

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During the pre-patch for the Dragonflight expansion, several extremely rare Mists of Pandaria mounts also had their drop chances raised significantly. These mounts and the X-45 Heartbreaker were believed to have a .001% chance to drop prior to the change, making them frustratingly rare even with an army of alts to throw at them. This change makes the daunting task way more accessible now, and it only took a decade to convince Blizzard to agree with it.