Worry not — Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will totally let you dismember enemies

Lightsabers will have more bite in Jedi: Survivor.

Image via Respawn

Stormtroopers beware, because Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is adding a much-desired feature that fans from the first game wanted and now are getting in the sequel: dismemberment. Cal Kestis’ lightsaber flourishes will be far more deadly to humanoid enemies as the latest deep dive video into lightsaber combat briefly shows Scout Trooper limbs scattered across the floor.

The video was revealed as an exclusive IGN First, diving into the deadly yet beautiful lightsaber capabilities Cal has learned since the first game. These dangerous and more elegant combat maneuvers show how far Cal has come since he was a Padawan and hint at what deadly foes await him to warrant such ferocity.

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Lightsaber dismemberment was a big demand from fans when Jedi: Fallen Order was released. Although it was portrayed in the game, it was solely used on deadly wildlife Cal encounters or droids. We’re going to have plenty of droids to battle against at the start while exploring Koboh, the new planet featured in the game. None of these enemies shown were humanoids, which was Respawn’s compromise in the first game.

The fan outcry seemed enough to warrant a step back from this measure. From the brief footage, only enemies’ legs have been shown to come off. We don’t know if opponents could lose other body parts or how ferocious Cal’s attacks become as players progress further into the game.

It has been confirmed by Respawn that the three lightsaber stances from the first game are making their way over into the sequel, and the development team has added two more. There will be a crossguard lightsaber stance and one that utilizes a blaster as an off-hand supportive attack.

However, the crossguard and blaster stances won’t appear until later in the game, but players will start with the first three stances Cal had at the end of Fallen Order. Fans were curious if they had to unlock these stances again, but it looks like these combat forms that Cal learned by the end of the first game are available immediately in Jedi: Survivor. Although Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has been delayed to April 28, fans of the first game are looking forward to rejoining Cal on his adventures in a galaxy far, far away.